Southern Wedding Traditions: The Groom’s Cake

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In the South, you know we love us some tradition. And one tradition we particularly love is the the groom’s cake. Few people know the groom’s cake actually originated in the South. Traditionally, the groom’s family would prepare small fruitcakes, package them nicely and give to guests as tokens of appreciation. We don’t know about you, but we sure are happy this Southern tradition evolved.

It isn’t the cake itself we have all grown to love. It is the creativity in the design of the cake. This is the one shot the groom gets to express himself in a sea of tulle, flowers and dresses. And the cool thing about groom’s cakes? Pretty much anything goes.

The only “rule” is that the cake should represent something the groom has an affinity for. And ladies, this is where it gets interesting!  It seems you guys have a lot of creativity when it comes to these cakes and we wanted to be a part!

Here’s our favorite groom’s cake featured in a movie:

We turned to Instagram to find our top ten:

Y’all know we love football in the South. And believe us when we say we didn’t have to search very hard to find cakes expressing devotion to the groom’s favorite team, University of Georgia. How could anyone resist this Georgia Bulldog! We are really glad we weren’t the server at this groom’s table. How would one cut this cake gracefully?

We chose this cake because it is a tradition capturing a tradition! This cake represents the  Auburn University tradition of “rolling” Toomer’s Corner after a Tiger victory. While this cake does makes us a little sad knowing those big, beautiful trees are gone forever, we still love it.

Southern guys love their motorcycles. And while pledging devotion to the woman of their dreams, they pledge allegiance to a favorite brand, Harley-Davidson. Wonder if the groom will show up to the reception on his Harley?

If you see this cake at a wedding reception, you can bet money it’s going to be a fun one! The cake itself is a pretty incredible work of art which is why it made our list.

In case you weren’t aware, hunting is kind of a big deal in the South. And as you can see from this deer stand cake, it’s serious business. Aren’t sure what a deer stand is?  It’s the place a hunter hides/sleeps/Googles while he waits for an unsuspecting deer to cross his path.

This groom’s cake is “super” fun! The groom and his groomsmen wore super hero t-shirts under their tuxes, hence this Avenger cake. Great job Mandiecakes1!

If a cake ever captured the essence of the Southern lifestyle, this is it. It has a truck, it has mud and it has a traditional cake. Kinda messy, but we love it!

Initials carved in a stump, shotgun shells and camouflage. Doesn’t really get any more Southern than this cake. Don’t miss the cute phrase, “The hunt is over!”

In the South, we love our food and chicken wings are a definite Southern delicacy. This cake is impressive, can you believe how real those wings look?

And last but not least, the armadillo cake. In the popular Southern movie, Steel Magnolias, Shelby’s soon-to-be-husband, Jackson chose the armadillo as his groom’s cake. The popularity of the move, the uniqueness of the cake and the funny one-liners about it are part of the reason grooms choose this cake. We love a bride who lets her man have a little fun!

What about you? Did you have an unusual groom’s cake at your wedding?

Image Source: BigStock