Southerners Know Southerners

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Across the South, one thing almost all Southerners have in common is an unwavering love and sense of pride about being Southern. It’s just a thing, if you will. Being a Southerner is a way of life, much different than say, being from the Great Plains.

Since this is a thing and all, we thought we’d get some of our local Southerners together and have them identify some more famous and well-known Southerners.

The results were a bit, well… see for yourself.

Answers are at the end.


We started of strong with this Southerner’s knowledge base and our hopes were high. 


Things escalated quickly from here though. 


Getting a little better, but not much. We did give this Southerner a pat on the back for “troubled writer.” Technically, that is a very correct answer. Tiny bit of a cringe at “back of the bus” though. 


With this Southerner’s entry we were getting a big head, even though in this part of the Bible Belt, “JC” could be Jesus Christ and then we’ve got a whole other can of worms to address. 


Still hopeful, even though this one incorrectly placed Abigail Adams about 1,100 miles from her suburban-Boston home. And hopefully, “Cora” isn’t the MTV Real World cast member, because her name is CORAL and she’s from California anyway. 


Things went from mediocre to terrifying pretty quickly. “I Don’t Like History” is a super catchy name though! Dibbs!


We’re back to decent, but have NO IDEA who Kate Chopin is and feel pretty terrible about that.


“Young Hillary” aged really well at this point if they mean Clinton. “Judge” is a well-documented legal mind, ruling over many a well-known case. 


The brothers “IDK” were a vital part of Southerner culture and history. And of course, it’s hard to not admire “First name Jane?” for overcoming so many shortcomings in life. 



Image Source: Wikipedia