10 Kitchen Hacks To Save Time While Cooking

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So, you want to cook. Well, okay, you like the idea of cooking. It would be great if you could cook, but who has the time? Between work, a social life, family, and (maybe) the gym you just don’t have the time to slave over a hot stove. The only “cooking” you have time for is cereal or heating up leftovers.

But, that does not have to be the case. The fellas over at SORTEDFood have figured out how to cook well and quickly and are here to help. They’ve figured out how to cook amazing meals in half the time you think without compromising the quality. All you need is a little planning and foresight.

Speed tips:

  1. Read the entire recipe and figure out how to multitask
  2. Preheat everything
  3. Get a worktop wast container
  4. Grate garlic and herbs instead of chopping them
  5. Know the volume of your containers to skip measuring tasks
  6. Speed up cooking onions with a pinch of sugar
  7. Pick a large pan to increase your cooking surface/capacity
  8. Wash as you go
  9. Boiling water speeds up sautéing mushrooms
  10. Butterfly chicken- larger surface areas cook faster

Cooking faster may be more convenient, but remember that cooking is not a race. The faster you move, the more likely you will be to injure yourself. Knives and hot surfaces don’t care about your schedule.

Be safe and get cooking!