A Boy And His Tauntaun Is Pretty Much The Costume Any Star Wars Fan Needs


Step aside, Chewbacca Mom. There’s a new Star Wars fan in town. In the timeworn tradition of parents trying to suck their kids into Star Wars, these parents have made a costume that’s hard to top.

Basically you throw your kid into a homemade tauntaun, have them toddle around looking cute, and profit. If you’re unsure what the heck a tauntaun is, it’s that furry thing Luke rides around the snowy planet in the old movies. If you’re still lost, we suggest you go watch the movies, because really, who hasn’t seen Star Wars in this day and age?

Seriously though, this is the cutest thing we’ve seen in awhile. Props to anyone who has multiple little ones and dresses them all up the same way. We wouldn’t object to having an army of these toddling around on Halloween night. Check out this adorable video.