7 Tips To Help You Stay Warm This Winter

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If you live in the south, winters aren’t unbearably cold, but they can still get pretty uncomfortable at times. If you’re further north, you might have more tools to deal with frigid temperatures, but you’ve also got even colder temperatures to contend with. Regardless of how cold it gets where you live, we can all agree that we’d like to stay warm during the chilly months. Here are some easy ways to combat the cold.

1. Buy a space heater.

This one seems like a no brainer, but it’s often overlooked. Older houses don’t run very efficiently, even with a new heating unit. This means colder downstairs areas, freezing floors, and draftier rooms. Fortunately, you can combat this by heating up a particularly cold area with a space heater. Your energy bill might take a small hit, but it’s worth it for the comfort.

2. Use a heated blanket (or multiple blankets).

Whether you’re curling up on the couch for that movie, trying to stay warm at your computer, or going to bed, blankets are always welcome. Pile tons of them on top of your bed to save on the heat at night, or use a heated blanket at the office to stay warm. It really works.

3. Block doorway and window gaps.

Poorly sealed doorways and windows can lead to higher energy bills, cooler temperatures, and draftier homes. Fight this by placing cloth near the gaps, and make sure all gaps are properly caulked. Your home and your bill will thank you.

4. Have a hot drink.

Break out that coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Seriously, if you’re too chilly, nothing warms you up as well as a hot drink. Keep a supply of ingredients around for different hot drinks, and sip something warm on the next cold night.

5. Do housework.

We know, it’s not particularly exciting. But staying busy around the house can warm your body enough to avoid being huddled under a million blankets. The bonus? Your house is clean and relaxing when you’re done.

6. Use thick curtains.

Thick curtains can help fight poorly insulated windows (which happen often in older houses). We usually only think of thick curtains during the summer, when we’re hoping to shut out sunlight for a movie or for afternoon naps. But those thick curtains can work wonders for keeping the warm air inside your house. Try them out.

7. Use a ceiling fan.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans can actually help to warm your home during the winter. If you’ve got fans, make sure they’re running clockwise for cold months. This helps to blow the warm air down and into the room, rather than encouraging it to swirl around the ceiling. You should be able to change the direction with a small switch, usually located near the light bulb sockets. Turn it on low and reap the benefits.