That House from “Steel Magnolias” is Now a Bed and Breakfast and We’re Packing Our Bags


“Steel Magnolias” might be one of the most legendary, iconic movies of the south– and now, nearly 30 years after the movie came to be, you can actually stay at the Eatenton family’s home.

According to Country Living, the historic brick house is located in Natchitoches, Lousiana. It opened in 2014, but not much has changed from the original filming set. The inside has six suites, each inspired by characters from the film, and the whole place is packed with “Steel Magnolias” memorabilia.

steel magnolias

The website recommends that you plan ahead and book early, and it’s easy to understand why! So grab your girls, plan a weekend, and enjoy pretending you work at Truvy’s Beauty Shop for a few days.