People Are Going Crazy For The Norway Curling Team’s Fancy Uniforms

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Curling has, once again, swept the nation. We all begin baffled by curling and then, after watching it for around 20 minutes, get so into the sport that we begin shouting at the tv about center guards and over-turned stones. The US had a less than stellar showing this year so American fans are picking new nations to cheer for. Their new favorite team is Norway, not because of any particular prowess they have for the sport but because they wear fancy pants.

On Valentine’s Day, Team Norway broke out pink heart pants and the internet went into a frenzy.

The Olympics can be oddly strict about some uniforms. They almost refused to let US hockey goalies wear helmets with the Statue of Liberty painted on them. But heart pants, wild designs, knickers? You have no idea.

1. Is there anything they can’t pull off? No.

2. Diamonds? Basic.

3. They nailed the tropical look.

4. Houndstooth knickers with high socks? Check.

Take that, Scotland.

5. Paint-splatter suits? Been there, done that.

6. You don’t even know about these psychedelic swirls.

7. They’ll hurt your eyes and not think twice.