5 Technologies that are Spoiling Modern Parents (In a Good Way)


Modern parents are a little spoiled, and that’s totally okay. Life raising kids is busy, messy, and crazy, and if there are ways to make things easier on parents then bring ’em on. It’s not quite to the point of “The Jetsons,” but we’re getting pretty close; and once you add new technology to parenthood, it’s hard to think of going back.

5 Technologies that are Spoiling Modern Parents (In a Good Way):

1. Texting

I have three boys under the age of 6, so our house is loud. Sometimes, it’s hard to think straight, much less carry on a conversation. I could go without social media, but I don’t know how I’d do without texting. It is my outlet to the outside world on those crazy, busy, loud days (every day) in this season of life.

2. Bluetooth

For those moments when I absolutely must talk on the phone-– there’s Bluetooth. I don’t care how geeky it looks, I can now push a stroller, change a diaper, cook and do dishes while talking on the phone and without getting a crick in my neck. Win-win.

3. Online Grocery Shopping with Drive-in Pick-Up

Grocery stores in our area rolled out their online grocery shopping option last year, and my life has never been the same (in the best way possible). Before then, I would mentally gear up to take all three of my kids in the store, preparing myself for meltdowns and getting shot bad looks (at the worst) to hearing, “You’ve got your hands full” (at the best). Now we order online, pull in our parking spot, and pop the trunk. It is everything I hoped it would be and more.

4. Dash buttons, Alexa, and 2-day shipping

If there’s not a “2-day shipping” option, I’m out. Who waits 3-5 business days anymore? Does anyone have time for that? Throw in dash buttons and Alexa and modern parents are pretty much set when it comes to getting everything they need on their shopping lists.

5. Instant Entertainment

My official statement: Don’t let TV babysit your kids.

My reality: Sometimes it’s nice to have TV “babysit” my kids, so I can get a few things done. Plus, there really are quite a few educational shows and apps that have helped my kids learn their numbers and letters.

Yes, I think there can be a downside to technology, but I’m all for technology that helps parents multi-task and save time. Parenting is hard enough as it is – bring on the technology that makes it easier!