Your Complete Thanksgiving Holiday Hosting Checklist

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Hosting Thanksgiving is no task for the weak. From making sure you have enough plates and food to getting your house guest-ready, there’s a lot that has to get done before the big day to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

To make sure you’re prepped and ready, simply follow this checklist and keep your sanity– and to make sure you’re not leaving all of the tasks for the day before. You’re welcome.

Your Complete Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist:

1 Week Before Thanksgiving:

  • Start grocery shopping for any non-perishable items, your turkey (if you plan to freeze it) and any alcohol you might need.
  • Restock any supplies you might need for cooking and double check that you have everything to properly cook your turkey, like a meat thermometer.
  • Decorate your house and put together any place cards or crafts you’d like.
  • Take china or special servingware and linens out of storage and wash them, or determine if there’s any pieces you’ll need to replace or borrow from a relative.
The Week Of (About 4-5 Days Before Thanksgiving):
  • Clean out your refrigerator to ensure there’s enough space for leftovers and ingredients.
  • Begin to thaw your turkey (General rule of thumb: 24 hours of thaw time for every 5 lbs of turkey)
The Day Before Thanksgiving:
  • Make any side dishes that will keep, or at least begin prepping what you can (i.e. Cranberry sauce, pies, etc.)
  • Set and decorate your tables
  • Prep your house for guests (i.e. clean bathrooms, vacuum, etc.)
  • Begin chilling any beverages
Thanksgiving Day:
  • Cook the turkey
  • Make stuffing
  • Make gravy
  • Reheat/warm any dishes you prepped yesterday, along with anything else on your list that needs to be made
  • Put out a drink station (put ice out right before guests arrive)
  • Relax and enjoy!