The Best (Worst) White Elephant Gifts Ever

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White Elephant parties are in full swing this holiday season which means people are exchanging creative and hilarious gifts at parties everywhere. Sometimes the gifts are good one, but other times — not so much. We turned to the internet to find the best, worst gifts we could find and we’ve been laughing ever since!

The Best (Worst) White Elephant Gifts Ever:

1. Rein-beer

Super creative and hilarious.



2. Dog Butt Magnets

Because who wouldn’t want these on their fridge when their mother-in-law came to visit?

Now that I’ve got it, no one better steal it. #whiteelephantgift

A photo posted by Tracy (@onawanderweg) on



3. Monkey With Mariachis?

We don’t even know what is going on here.



4. Clip-in Man Bun

We totally know what we are taking to the next White Elephant party. 

Source: blue.lotus.feet


5. Toilet Mug

Don’t you want to drink your coffee out of the toilet?

#whiteelephantgift at work today #toilet #mug and #poo #pouri

A photo posted by 77SherBear (@77sherbear) on

Source: 77sherbear


6. Ear Wax Retrieval System

Um…..wonder if it works?



7. Toys Not Included

This is hilarious and creative and hilarious. 



8. Horse Yoga Calendar

Can’t wait to see next year’s!



9. Candlelight Italian Dinner

No explanation needed. 


10. Mans-lator

This should be on the Christmas list of every guy who has at least one female in his life. (This means every guy.)

Now all Guys need this Woman Translator :D

Posted by Jaan & Arya on Sunday, September 20, 2015


11. Grumpy Cat Coin Purse

This is great. We would probably carry this just for the laughs.

Kitty purse + hamburger and fries glosses = #WhiteElephantGift exchange success / ? @alicetint

A photo posted by @riseprosperwin on

Source: riseprosperwin


12. Nicholas Cage Pillow

Is it just us, or is this super creepy?

Source: vee_gun_mish


13. Horse Head

This just cracks us up! Kudos that he is actually wearing it!

#gaggift #exchange #Christmastradition #whiteelephantgift

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Source: olinjohnston

Image Source: Instagram/@thetallcookie