The Coolest Millennial Mom on Instagram is a Barbie

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Don’t be jealous, but this Millennial mom has nearly 85,000 followers on Instagram. She’s a mom of two who loves to post all the silly details of her every day life with her kids and husband. There’s just one thing – she’s a Barbie, but her life looks a lot like a real Millennial wife and mom, which makes it both hilarious and oddly intriguing. Check out these snapshots from @tiff_thebarbie and see the fictitious and hilarious world that she’s created from her imagination and a few Barbie dolls.

Meet Tiff and Kenneth Carson. This was from their wedding day back in February 2016. Almost looks like something out of a fairy tale…

Ken is a lawyer, of course, but he always has plenty of time for Tiff and the kids because apparently you can really achieve that family/work-life balance when you are playing pretend.

Tiff and Ken didn’t waste any time and shortly after their wedding announced that they were pregnant, complete with ultrasound pictures.

Of course, Tiff didn’t want to mess around with stretch marks. She’s got an image to keep. She is a Barbie doll after all.

And she had to keep all her Barbie friends updated with her baby bump pics and count down till baby comes – like any good Millennial Mom-To-Be.

Look how overjoyed they were when they finally met their first baby, a little girl named, Kelly. Yes, those are tears. Ken is a bit of a softy.

Tiff got her body back in no time, (which must be really nice). No mom-jeans for this Mama. Here she is shopping with Kelly at Sephora.

Then, you guessed it – Baby #2 was due!

Now, they’re a happy family of four, and Tiff has to deal with the chaos of raising two toddlers.

Which, let’s be honest, isn’t always easy.

If you’re wondering who the person behind the Instagram account is, I’m afraid you’ll just have to keep wondering. The “Admin” prefers to stay anonymous, but she does admit that she’s a teen who enjoys giving her Barbies “a life.” This seems to work for most people who love to comment directly to Tiff and Ken as if they were real people. After all, if you’re going to play pretend, you might as well go all out!