The Perfect Last Minute Gift For the Coffee Lover

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If you have a coffee lover on your list you should that the gift they really want is one that actually encourages their addiction. This simply means, more coffee. And because it is Christmas, it is the perfect time to gift them with an intriguing brew.

The Perfect Last Minute Gift For the Coffee Lover:

1. Guatemala Antigua Coffee

This light-medium roast has a sweet and balanced acidity with notes of milk chocolate, raisins and brown sugar. Beans were harvested at an altitude between 4,600′ – 5,200′.

2. Kenya Coffee

This light roast is a fruit-forward brew that is also perfect as an iced coffee. With notes of peach, black cherry and cola, this coffee is sure to please even the most discriminate coffee drinker.

3. Brazil Mogiana Natural Coffee

This coffee has a medium-medium dark roast for a rich flavor with muted acidity. Notes of dark caramel, clementine and candied almonds give this coffee a nutty flavor.

4. Colombia Narino Coffee

From the highest peaks of the most famous coffee producer in the world, this smooth yet bold cup is slightly sweet and tart making it the perfect complement to any meal.

5. Ethiopia Sidama Gugi Coffee

Grown at high altitudes and in rich soils, this light to medium roast coffee is allowed to mature slowly heightening the sweetness and complexity of this ancient variety. Notes of honeysuckle, lemonade and nectarines make this coffee perfect to sip on all day.

Image Source: Big Stock