The Sweater-Hanging Method that will Transform the Way You Store Your Clothes

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I don’t know about you, but most (if not all) of my
sweaters are stretched out, have hanger marks on the shoulders or holes in the seams from hanging in my closet — I’ve lost a lot of good sweaters this way.

Typically, when this happens, the most practical solution is to take the sweaters off the hangers and store them in drawers, but have you ever seen a sweater folded? It’s like six inches thick and 12 inches wide. If I were to put all of my sweaters in drawers, I would have to purge the rest of my
clothes just to make room.

Well, all of my (and your) troubles are over thanks to this ingenious
woman who hangs a sweater in a way I’ve never seen a sweater hung before — mind blown.