50 Weirdest Town Names by State


One of the problems with democracy is that when you give power to the people, you hand them the freedom to name their town. I grew just a few miles from Toad Suck, Arkansas and the road signs still make me chuckle. Who thought that was a great idea?

50 Weirdest Town Names by State:


  • The Midwest is pretty self-aware: Dull, Little Canada, Plenty Bears, Free Soil.
  • In the South, it seems people just shouted out whatever word came to their mind. COWARD! SPUDS! PIG! FRIES! MY ANKLE ITCHES!
  • “I mean, it’s nothing special.” The guy who founded Okay, OKlahoma
  • Smartt, Tennessee and Dummer, New Hampshire were made for each other.
  • Handsome Eddy, New York– what do you want to be that a guy named Eddy came up with this name?
  • Who chooses to live in Satan’s Kingdom? Try explaining that one to your Grandmom.
  • We all know a good ol’ boy who would love to spend Spring Break in Catfish Paradise.
  • Fun Fact: Frankenstein, Missouri is not named after the monster. It is named after the Franken family who helped start the town.