Theme Party: Get Southern


Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you should stop partying… with a theme.  One of the most enjoyable themes for a dinner party can be the South; having a Southern-themed party gives people a chance to get a real taste of Southern culture, including its dishes, customs and aesthetics. Want to throw a Southern-themed dinner party for your friends? Then check out the list below with five steps you can take to make sure you have a party that is fun, delicious and authentically Southern.

1. Serve Mint Juleps.

If you want to wet your guests’ whistles and get people loosened up and relaxed, you’ll want to serve some drinks, and one of the best Southern drinks around is the mint julep. The mint julep is made with mint leaf, bourbon, sugar and water. Mix all the ingredients with ice, and serve extra cold with an extra sprig of mint when your guests arrive. This traditional Southern treat will get the night started right.

2. Decorate with Pastels or Seersucker.

Traditional Southern decorations and fabrics are soft in color and often subtle. If you want to create an atmosphere that feels like the South, use cloth napkins and table linens, and choose them in soft pastel blues, yellows or pinks. One of the most quintessentially southern fabrics is seersucker. Work seersucker into your décor and you’ll transport your guests to the heartland.

3. Have a Meat and Three.

“Meat and Three” is a popular term at Southern comfort food restaurants, and it basically means a meat with three vegetable sides. Make a main meat dish, like fried chicken or chicken fried steak. Then offer three “vegetable” side dishes; they don’t have to be vegetables as applesauce, cornbread, and mac and cheese are traditionally considered vegetables by Southern cookeries.

4. Serve Food in Mason Jars

Want your dishware to reflect the South, too? Then use Mason jars for your drinks or dessert to lend a real down-home, country feel to your party. You can buy Ball brand Mason jars at any home goods store; then fill the jars up with mint juleps or make a pudding to serve in it for dessert.

5. Play Horseshoes

In the south, it’s warm for much of the year, so many of the parties happen outside. If you want some entertainment at your grown up theme party, why not incorporate some party games? Horseshoes, where you toss a metal horseshoe around a stake, is a very old-fashioned Southern game. It will get people on their feet and feeling like kids again.


If you really want your party to have that Southern feel, listen to this playlist.

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