You Could Own Tom Petty’s California Lake House (If You Just Won The Lottery)

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Maybe you just won the lottery. Maybe a distant relative died and left you their vast fortune. Maybe, just maybe, you are a bitcoin billionaire looking for a nice retreat. I don’t know, maybe that’s you. If it is and you are looking to invest in a $5.5 million dollar house owned by the late Tom Petty, this house is for you.

The curiously named Casa della Madonna sits on the banks of Lake Sherwood in Southern California. The 5,300 square foot lake house only sports three bedrooms and baths, but makes up for it in faux Italian charm. The real estate agency describes it thusly:

Designed by one of Hollywood’s finest set designers, Tom Petty’s private lakefront Lake Sherwood retreat is reminiscent of a visit to Lake Como. The original great room has soaring, solid stone walls built 2-feet thick. Old world compliments new with a seamless, 2,700 square foot addition including: master suite with deep stone tub & balcony with fireplace, additional bedrooms, kitchen, dining/family, each enjoying lake views.

You know it’s good because a Hollywood set designer built it. But this isn’t some shoddy set! These walls are two feet thick. TWO FEET THICK!? Are the Huns invading? Do vikings regularly pillage along the shores of Lake Sherwood? At least you’ll be safe from catapult fire.

Look, I only know a minimal amount about construction, but if you built the walls a normal thickness and insulated them, they would get the job done and probably make more space for another bedroom.

Whatever. It looks nice, I guess.