Top 8 Things You Need to Tailgate Like a Pro


Tailgating in the South is a spring, summer, fall, and heck, in some places and fan bases, winter time endeavor. Whether it be for a football game, a concert, or your daughter’s dance recital (We didn’t say that. OK, we did, but don’t tell anyone. We’ll deny it), you are going to need some key items if you are going to put on a tailgate like a professional.

Tickets and Cash Money. Anyone who has ever arrived at her tailgating destination without them knows that sinking feeling of being the one who messed it up for everybody. While you’re at it, don’t forget your phone. Pshh. Like you’d forget that.

Beverages. You must have at least one cooler filled with your favorite beverages. Make sure some of these bevvies are bottles of water. Pacing and spacing while staying hydrated is the cure to many pre-party related missteps.

A Basket. It should be lined with a monogrammed liner and contain the following: Red Solo Cups (I fill you up!); bottle opener/cork screw, paper plates; napkins; koozies; plastic utensils; and trash bags. We also bring a small table cloth in team colors if we’re feeling extra fancy pants.

Folding Chairs and Table. You need a place to park your tail and to spread your edible bounty, which bring us to the next item on our list.

Food. Choosing your tailgate fuel is key. It needs to be heavy and greasy enough to be filling for a potentially long day, but also easy to eat and delicious. Bojangle’s Famous Chicken and Biscuits is the elite fit for this need. If you don’t live in a place where it’s “Bo Time” for your tailgate, we are sorry for you and suggest you move. If you won’t do those things, you can get fried chicken and sides from another inferior eatery, but be aware your tailgate is not as great as it could be.

Entertainment. You can be the girl who blares only the music of the artist you are about to see, but don’t be “that girl.” Instead, load your play lists with similar artists interspersed with a few of the musician’s you are seeing. If you are attending a game, you can do it up right and bring your portable television for the pregame show, or you can eschew technology for some yard games like Baggo/Cornhole, both of which are what is also known appropriately in some circles as “Tailgate Toss.”

Party Flair. Get into the spirit by bringing along leis, beads, t-shirts or koozies in matching colors for anyone who is lucky enough to join your party.

First Aid Kit. Make sure it includes sunscreen and bug spray. Safety first, or last, according to this list. Inevitably, if you don’t have it, you’ll need it.

Enjoy the show, and don’t forget where you parked! You don’t want to be “that girl” either.

Image Source: jason.c.hsiao via Compfight cc