“Trading Spaces” Designer Doug Wilson Will Continue to Push Boundaries in the Show’s Reboot: “Every Show Needs a Villain”


After a long hiatus off the air, “Trading Spaces” is coming back to TLC, and they’re bringing a lot of the original cast and crew with them.

Host Paige Davis will be at the forefront while the old designers, Hildi and Doug, join in alongside her. If you watched “Trading Spaces” in its heyday, you probably remember the time Doug was responsible for making that poor woman, Pam, cry her eyes out after he remodeled her fireplace against her wishes.

If you need a refresher, you can relive the moment in all of its awkwardness here.


This wasn’t the only time Doug disappointed homeowners on the show, either– but did he care? Not really. In fact, he once even said that “every show needs a villain.” In an exclusive interview with Good Housekeeping, Doug opened up about the new season, as well as some of his decisions from the past.

He shared that while Hildi was more of a free spirit, he wanted to create a character for himself. “I decided to go [into the show] as an actor and a performer and create these rooms as this persona,” he told Good Housekeeping. 

I mean, makes sense. He then went on to say that he’s thrilled to be back on set and that he doesn’t mind keeping things controversial. As far as the fireplace incident goes, he said Pam (the homeowner) hated it, but America loved it. “She was so freaked out initially, but America loved it — and that’s why it became so famous,” he said.

If you say so, Doug.