5 Ways to Travel Through America’s National Parks Just Like Brad Pitt


Ok, so Brad Pitt did an interview and the internet is freaking out.

Seriously, this profile is all over the place. Pitt is going through a tough time in life right now, so the gossip machine has dived headlong into the juicy bits of the interview. I’m not normally like that, so I don’t quite know how to feel. It’s like reading a diary– the gawkish voyeurism into his life makes me uncomfortable but it is a fascinating look into the life of someone most people think they know.

He also doesn’t age, so GQ took a lot of pictures of him inside of America’s greatest treasures– our national parks. He’s a 53-year-old who can pull off a goatee; it’s shocking, really. Those photos morphed into a video of him running, stomping, riding, and tumbling through Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and the Everglades.

It’s like he’s living in his 2011 film “Tree of Life.”

The way he travels, or is portrayed to travel is interesting. It’s classic cool with the motorcycle, but also childlike. He’s stomping through the everglades and throwing himself down sand dunes like a kid. I’m more than 20 years younger than Pitt and my hips are killing me just thinking about doing something like that. How is he doing it?

There are also a lot of comments about this video being an ad for divorce, to which is absurd on every level. First, this is sad, thoughtful, artsy stuff. Pitt just got divorced and is fighting for child custody. No one wants to be there, much less have people nudge and wink at each other about it. Second, no one Pitt’s age would do any of this. If you put any other 53-year-old in those clothes and they would walk around looking like a dog wearing shoes.

Exhibit A

I’ll just leave that there.

Anyway, there are some helpful lessons to be learned from this video for travelers:

1. Be comfortable You do you. Your vacation is a time to rest, so be comfortable.

2. Explore The best vacation lies off the beaten path, and that’s a fact.

3. Hit the road You miss all the good stuff when you fly. Take the back roads.

4. Have fun Let the your inner child play. Why wouldn’t you roll down a sand dune? You only live once, friend.

5. Soak it in Sunsets are meant to be enjoyed. Every place has it’s own unique qualities that come out in the setting sun. Enjoy the show.

The “lessons” weren’t the point of the video. GQ was really hoping you would appreciate the style of the whole thing. But, man in the video is looking for hope and beauty in the midst of intense suffering. Hopefully we could all learn something from that.