6 Tips For Surviving a Cross-Country Road Trip


Road trips are so much fun, but there comes a point on almost every long-haul trip where you’re just over it and want to get the heck out of the car.

So, whether you’re moving or vacationing, happy road-tripping, and here are some tips for maximizing the amount of fun you have on a cross-country road trip.

6 Tips For Surviving A Cross-Country Road Trip:

1. Plan Ahead

If you book your hotels and pick out restaurants ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of stress. You’ll know that you’re heading to a place, weather for eating or sleeping, that has good reviews, and thus will be more likely to have a good time. Plus, this helps you stick to a budget.

2. Pack a Cooler With Drinks

There’s nothing more annoying than having to pull off the highway for something as small as buying a bottle of water. Bring enough to last your whole trip to save time and money.

3. Create the Perfect Playlist

Make sure you have a good selection of music with you. Listening to the same songs on the radio day after day gets old real fast. Better yet, bring all the albums of your favorite artist and make it a marathon.

4. Get Out Of The Car!

I get it, the point is you’re driving to get somewhere, but if you don’t have to rush it, don’t! Taking a minute to walk around and see what makes the state you’re in unique makes the whole trip so much more enjoyable.

5. Take Turns Driving

If you’re not alone, take turns driving. Sometimes you don’t realize how tired you are until you make the switch. Driving while drowsy is so dangerous, and really not worth it for anyone involved.

6. Research The Route Beforehand

Otherwise you may end up in a long stretch of desert without enough gas to make it through. Don’t just rely on your GPS — really take a look at the route before you head out.