70 Women Ages 5-75 Shared What Trend They Wish Would Come Back, and Their Answers Were Very Telling

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No matter how old you are, there is likely a trend from the past that you wish would make a major come back. For me, it would be women wearing big hats to church on Sunday, or disco dancing (don’t judge me– I think it’d be fun).

Glamour asked 70 females ranging in age from 5 all the way up to 75 what trend they wish would make a come back, and while some answers were pretty funny, others were more telling of the times.

An 11-year-old said she wished dresses from the Victorian era would make a comeback, and several women said “bell-bottom jeans.” Some of my other favorite answers included crimped hair, tearaway swishy pants, and ’50s glam. Some of the older generation answered with things like, “Talking to your friends on the telephone,” or “Waiting for a connection before sharing a kiss,” and “Actually having face-to-face conversations.”

Overall, it gave me a lot to think about in terms of how times have changed. Heck, I might just go disco dancing this weekend wearing some bell bottoms.