Texas Man Catches Record Bass With A McDonald’s Chicken Nugget


It is possible to spend a fortune on expensive bait and tackle. You can waste thousands on fancy underwater sensors and trolling motors. You can pour over underwater topography maps until your head hurts. But you can never guarantee catching a trophy bass. It may be that we are overthinking the whole operation. Maybe we should all be more like the Matthew McNellis of Ennis, TX who just caught a record largemouth bass with a McDonald’s chicken nugget.

After a hot and slow day fishing, McNellis’ girlfriend suggested he switched his bait. So, McNellis switched to what he was snacking on: a McNugget. The result was a lake record 24.5 inch, 11-pound largemouth bass.

After measuring the trophy bass, the couple released the bass back into Lake Bardwell. Reports claim McNellis plans to try Wendy’s french fries on his next outing.

Fellas, maybe we should listen to the women in our lives more. It worked for McNellis! Think about it, nuggets are perfect bait. They are pungent, delicious and cheap. Fishermen, it’s worth a shot.