Vodka-Spiked Ice Cream That Will Actually Get You Buzzed Is Coming Soon (And Life Is Good)


You’ve probably heard of the old saying, “have your cake and eat it too,” but change “cake” to “vodka” and you’ve got Arctic Buzz (and the best news ever).

The Baltimore-based Ice Cream company makes vodka-infused ice cream with 8.6% to 8.9% alcohol content. Compare that to a company like Haagen Dazs who makes spirit-infused ice cream with an ABV of 1%, and you realize this ice cream isn’t here to mess around.

The ice cream is currently being served at a distillery in Maryland, but is set to roll out nationwide as early as next year. Right now, the available flavors included cookies and cream (made with cream vodka), raspberry (featuring, yes, raspberry vodka), key lime pie, coconut, and chocolate.

The COO of Arctic Buzz, Bruce Pilarczyk, said they chose vodka because it opens up a vast number of flavor options and leaves room for creativity.

“There was a desire to do something different than the typical dessert and drink mixes you see,” he said. “We love the challenge vodka presents when it comes to freezing. It opens up a wide array of flavor options and imaginative creations for dessert and cocktails. It’s a versatile palette to build flavors on.”

No word on an exact launch date, but you know we’ll be keeping tabs (and checking store shelves) until then!