The Ron Swanson Code, Advice Worth Living By

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Here are a set of principles that Ron Swanson lived by. They are simple ways to be both a good citizen and an enjoyable person to be around. Glean what you can from them.

1. Eat red meat
Numerous studies show that red meat is the best source of testosterone boosting nutrients such as zinc, iron, and B12.

2. Love nature
A man needs time for peace and quiet, to be alone with his thoughts, and to allow his mind to wonder about. There is something restorative about nature and solitude that a man should regularly experience.

3. Be honest and don’t lie
A man should be forthright in all his dealings. If you cannot do something with integrity you should not do it at all.

4. Mentor others
It makes sense for men to seek out other men for guidance on how to navigate life, as there are some lessons and bits of wisdom that only a man can impart to another man. Take a pointer from Ron and gather a few “Rangers” under your wing.

5. Believe in hard work
At the heart of working hard is the all but forgotten notion that some people will be better than you at many things, and therefore are entitled to the rewards their talents earn them. Mr. Swanson has great respect for those who work hard, little respect for those who work little and no respect for those who take without working.

6. Be financially responsible
Studies have shown that the most successful men are those that are financially responsible. The ability that you can keep to a routine of slowly putting away for the rainy day, retirement, or the next financial collapse. Anything that takes patience is a difficult thing for most men, which is why it is so important to respect this virtue.

7. Be able to tell a good clean joke
The ability to add humor to almost any situation (when appropriate) is a great trait to have. Understanding your audience and having a sense of comedic timing is a true skill.

8. Learn to be self-reliant
Whether you’re building furniture, laying tile, or forging rings from a sconce, being self-reliant epitomizes the attitude a man should have. When faced with a need or a problem, your own self should be the first one you look to for a solution. And while you may not be an expert, don’t automatically farm out all of your responsibilities to others. Learn to do it yourself and take pride in your work.

9. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures
A real man finds pleasure in the small things in life, so he is never without contentment, and therefore is less likely to be lured (or suckered) into finding it in the most expensive ways possible.

10. Learn the value of Honor
An honorable man conducts himself in a rational and just manner— he does not allow himself to be swayed by mere passions. His beliefs are not contradictory, they are logically sound and they are honest. An honorable man is humble enough to accept defeat when his case has been refuted. Honor is the virtue that blankets all others.

For a more Swanson advice, just follow his pyramid of greatness.