Weekend Getaway: What to Pack

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It can strike fear into even the strongest of women: the invitation to a weekend getaway. Packing for a romantic weekend can be almost as scary as deciding on an outfit that looks “dressy casual.” Your significant other may not realize that your “effortless” look requires a lot of calculation and a huge closet. You don’t want to ruin your fun-loving, caution-to-the-wind rep by showing up with a steamer trunk; but on the other hand, you want to be ready for anything. Follow these packing tips so you can be ready and relaxed enough for romance. 

Pick your bag

Not a suitcase, not a trunk, not anything that requires wheels. The weekender bag got its name for a reason: It’s made for a weekend trip. Choose your weekender bag, and limit yourself to only what fits inside it, plus your everyday handbag.

Downsize your beauty regimen

I know, right? Don’t pack any more toiletries and makeup than what can be fit in your regular handbag. That might mean miniatures and sample sizes of some of your staples, but this is no time to pack your entire pedicure set. Upside: This will free up your tote for just your clothes.

Stick with what you know

Don’t buy anything new just for the getaway (with the possible exception of lingerie). It’s so tempting, but you run the risk of some article of clothing pinching you, riding up, or being otherwise uncomfortable. If you must have a certain clothing item or accessory, give it a test wear before going on the trip. Sticking with what you already love will help you feel your best, and cut down on the temptation to pack “back-up” outfits.

Keep it basic

It can’t be said enough: the less you take, the more free and comfortable you’ll feel. Your needs might vary depending on the type of trip you’re going on (if you’re going skiing, by all means, take your skis), but otherwise, here’s what you need.

  • 2 pairs of pants, shorts, or casual skirts
  • 2 t-shirts or daytime tops
  • 1 evening top or 1 dress
  • Underwear (extras are allowed, but keep it sane)
  • Weather-specific gear: sunglasses, swimsuit, flip-flops for summer; 1 sweater, pair of gloves for winter
  • 1 pair daytime/activity shoes (you’ll presumably wear these on the way)
  • 1 pair evening shoes
  • Nightwear
  • Beauty products and toiletries (see tips above)

The bottom line is that you want to balance being ready for activity with being ready for romance. Be yourself, have fun, and you won’t need to panic about having enough clothing options.

Image Source: Flickr