7 Strange New Year’s Eve Drops

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In 1906, after New York City banned fireworks during its New Year’s Eve festivities, the great ball drop began. The annual event is held yearly in Times Square, where thousands of people gather to watch a ball slowly drop from a pulley.

But, that ball isn’t the only thing droppin’ on New Year’s Eve. Towns across the globe drop just about anything that tickles their fancy. We have a few favorites.

1. The Possum Drop // Brasstown, North Carolina
The possum capital of the world? There is such a place.

2. Sardine Drop // Eastport, Maine
The smell must be amazing.

3. Olive Drop // Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Yes, the olive descends directly into a giant martini glass.

4. Bologna // Lebanon, Pennsylvania
This is something to be proud of.

5. Giant Hershey Kiss Drop // Hershey, Pennsylvania

This one isn’t that weird when you think about it being in Hershey. Now, if it was in like, Boise– that’s weird.

6. Pine Cone // Flagstaff, Arizona
Not to be a hater, but this one sounds kind of boring. We want live rodents, Flagstaff!

7. Potato // Boise, Idaho
What? You thought they’d go with a carrot?