20 Really Weird Things Kids Said They Want for Christmas This Year


Santa gets a lot of odd requests this time of year. For example, my six-year-old son wants a real lightsaber. No, not a toy one – a real one, a weapon powered by kyber crystals and forged in a (fictional) galaxy far, far away. That shouldn’t be too hard to get…

Needless to say, Santa (and parents) have got their work cut out for them, so if you’re scratching your head this year wondering how you can get your kid some of the things on their list, you aren’t alone. We asked parents to share the most hilarious things on their kids’ Christmas lists, and this is what they shared.

1. My son wrote a note to Santa (or Jesus). It says, “Dear Santa or Jesus, for Christmas I want Tim Tebow. Me and Scotty will be at my dad’s for Christmas, and my mom will be sad without us. So please send Tim Tebow so she won’t be alone.”

2. I asked my daughter what she wants for Christmas. She said, “Nun yo business! Santa can read my mind!”


3. My 9-year-old son asked for a baby sister, a Lamborghini, and a yacht.

4. My son asked Santa for the gift of invisibility.

5. My daughter asked for a real unicorn and land with a barn where it can live.


6. My 6-year-old wants a flamethrower, a taser, a tank, a sword, body armor, and a shed (among other things).


7. My 9-year-old son asked for a Rolex! Yes, he was serious!

8. My 12-year-old wants a sleep number bed.

9. My oldest is asking for a ghost train that can go through the walls.

10. My 4-year-old wants a chipmunk, but not like a normal chipmunk. No, it has to be one that talks like “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” and the chipmunk could be his brother or sister.


11. Last year when we took my 2-year-old to see Santa, he asked him for a lint roller. This year he wants a chainsaw.

12. My daughter wants an apple water machine. I asked her what the heck that was, and she said she drew a picture. Apparently, it goes in their room (on their dresser) and when they are thirsty or hungry it will give them a cup of water or an apple. I told her that it doesn’t exist. She said that’s why she drew a picture so Santa’s elves can make it.


13. My 3-year-old daughter is asking for a “real-life dinosaur.”

14. My 4-year-old wants a robot that is 96 inches. Tall? Long? Who knows.

15. My 6-year-old son wants a stuffed Jesus that he can sleep with at night.

Stuffed Jesus

16. My daughter wants the Titanic and 100 pounds of crab?


17. My niece wants a trained mountain lion that could be a pet and like a guard dog.

18. My 3-year-old son wants a REAL carpet shampooer.

Rug Doctor

19. For the last 3 years in a row, my now 5-year-old has asked for a surfboard. We live in North Texas.

20. My 4-year-old wants a jetpack and a hot lady.