8 Semi-Weird Ways You Know You’re in Love


The concept of falling in love is something that we are all made acutely aware of from a very young age.

Thanks to romantic comedies, reality TV shows like “The Bachelor” and idealistic Disney movies, the signs we associate with “falling in love” are usually dramatized, romanticized and, largely, inaccurate — yes, the butterflies, fireworks (maybe?) and euphoric feelings are somewhat true, but those emotions are just the tip of the massive love iceberg.

Most of the time, the tell-tell signs that you’re falling in love are actually pretty un-sexy — but that’s what makes them fun.

8 Semi-Weird Ways You Know You’re in Love:

1. Things that used to gross you out don’t anymore.

When you’re completely comfortable with another person, it’s easy to overlook things that you once thought were gross.

Like, if the person you’re in love with is sick and throwing up, most likely, your mind is going to be on their health and wellness, not on the obscene amount of vomit you have to clean up.

2. Mundane activities become fun.

Running errands, shopping for groceries or even going to the DMV can be fun with the right person. The sheer fact that you get to spend time together is enough to make any activity enjoyable.

3. Planning for the future becomes exciting.

When you’re single, making any definitive longterm plans can seem annoying and scary, but when you’re doing it with the person you love, planning for the future becomes fun and exciting. It’s almost like an adrenaline rush.

4. You finish each other’s…

Okay, yes, it sounds annoyingly cliche, but it’s true.

There are times when I will speak literally one word of a sentence and without hesitation, my husband will incept what I’m going to say and answer correctly.

It’s super convenient actually.

5. You start liking the same things.

So, before I started dating my now-husband, I wasn’t super into fancy coffee. You could’ve given me a cup of Folgers with a little cream and Splenda and I would’ve been happy — but once I was with him, that all changed.

He’s super interested in different coffee brewing methods, roasting his own beans, visiting third wave coffee shops, etc., so now, I’m also interested in it. And it’s not a fake, “like me, please” kind of interest, it’s a real, sincere interest that spawned from my interest in him.

6. You start actually caring about someone other than yourself.

Now, I’m not saying that falling in love eliminates all selfishness, but it definitely forces you to look outside yourself.

When you love another person, suddenly, the phrase “I’d die for them” makes sense. It’s like falling in love makes you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you and it’s possible for your ambitions to transform into something other than strictly self-centered, self-promoting ones.

7. You can be super weird around them.

Basically, you’re so comfortable with this person that all boundaries, insecurities and fears of being judged go out the window — leading to some pretty fun, pretty weird situations.

8. You don’t want to spend time with anyone else.

Yes, you still want to hang out with your friends and family, but when it comes down to it, this is the person you want to spend the bulk of your time with.

When it comes to sharing memories, experiencing trips or celebrating special occasions, this is the person you want to have by your side.