Welcome to the Good Life, Country Outfitter DOT Life!


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Today is the official “grand opening” of our new destination here at CountryOutfitter.life. We look forward to bringing you even more of your favorite artists, flawless fashion, the best in home cooking, and relationship advice as good as  your mama’s. And because we have always done things a little differently, we wanted the name of our place to be different too.

Since the beginning we’ve been taking you behind the scenes with Nashville’s biggest and brightest, as well as front and center to every show imaginable. But we know you’re interested in a lot more than just music and celebrities, so we started talking about everything from how to have the ideal country wedding to how to pick a paint color. We’ve brought you food and travel and guidance on what to wear–and what not to wear. We’ve always wanted to build something nice enough to show your grandmother, and cool enough to share with your friends.

And share you did. We are humbled daily to interact with millions of you, to learn what is important in your lives and what stirs your souls, which if you’re being honest, is often simply Luke Bryan–with or without a shirt. Country Outfitter Life is truly about your life, and we work hard to accurately reflect and celebrate the various pieces of it. We’re proud to be your source for all things country. We’re honored to put a smile on your face at the end of a rough workday, or sometime in the middle of it. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.

Just so you know, everything we’ve done so far is only the beginning. We have big plans, and big plans require a big place. That’s where our new name came in. We needed a special place for you to find out what to wear on a first date and watch exclusive video of the hottest new acts out of Nashville.

We loved the sound of Country Outfitter Life, but CountryOutfitterLife.com felt like such a mouthful. Which is why we were thrilled to learn that the “not com” movement would enable us to have our sweet tea and drink it too. Who knew a legitimate business website could be named anything but .com? (Okay, surely some of you city folk knew that, but we were delighted to learn it!) With the world of not-com options opened up to us, we faced a new challenge: Deciding which to choose! Free from the confines of .com we could have chosen almost anything.

We still loved our original idea and after a little deliberation, Country Outfitter dot LIFE was born! Genius, if we did say so ourselves. Not five minutes after we settled on .life the domain had been registered. We high-fived our good fortune and got to work dreaming up new ways to bring our new .life to life.

We’re excited about our new beginning and hope you will be too. Our big future awaits. And as we venture into it, so many not-coms sound like so much fun to us. Who knows what we’ll think of next? What about CountryOufitter.Vacations? Or CountryOutfitter.Kitchen. We could definitely get on board with CountryOutfitter.World, because we believe the world could use a bit more of what we’ve got right here at home in the country. The sky is literally the limit, though we’ll probably draw the line at CountryOutfitter.dental and CountryOutfitter.tax because those don’t sound fun to us.

Country Outfitter Life. Bookmark us. We’ll think you’ll want to come back often.

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Image Credits: Jordan Weaver Photography, BigStock, Jeremy Scott for Country Outfitter