What a Country Boy’s Truck Says about Him

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Trucks are more than a way to get from point A to point B. They’re for living, working, and playing, for mudding, hunting, fishing, and seeing the world, and you can learn a lot about a guy by looking at his truck.

And you know what they say, “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck.”

5 things you can learn about a guy by looking at his truck:

1. The Condition

The first thing you want to check out is the overall condition of the truck. Is it in pristine condition or scratched and muddy? The only time a country boy’s truck is in pristine condition is when it’s driven off the dealership lot. You can’t take a truck through woods and fields and not expect a few scratches and a little (or a lot) of mud on the tires. Many country boys take pride in having a dirty truck.

Just ask Brad Paisley.

2. Color

Granted, some people buy a truck based on price, not on color, but there are still some generalizations you can make about a guy based on the color of his truck.


Guys who drive red trucks tend to be confident, maybe even a little cocky. They definitely don’t mind standing out in a crowd. They tend to be daredevils, pursuing thrills and throwing caution to the wind.


Guys who drive white trucks see themselves as gentleman. They take pride in their appearance and the appearance of their truck. They are do-gooders who are quick to pull over to change a tire on the side of the road or help a stranger who’s having car trouble.


Country boys who drive black trucks see themselves as warriors and manly men. They are tough guys or, at least, that’s how they see themselves. These guys won’t back down from a fight if even if the odds are against them. 


These are just your salt of the earth kind of guys. They don’t care about being noticed or impressing anybody. Just let them fish and hunt. That’s all they ask.

3. Suspension Lift & Big Tires

Jake Owen thinks all the ladies love a lifted truck with big tires, but it all depends on the girl. Guys with lifted trucks want to be seen as the life of the party. They tend to think highly of themselves (pun intended). Some girls like that, but other girls tend to roll their eyes when they see a guy drive up in a lifted truck, trying to get their attention.

Hey boy, do you mind taking me home tonight?

‘Cuz I ain’t never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high.

4. Loud Muffler

 A guy with a loud muffler is obviously a little rowdy. He may be a little rough on the edges, or maybe he just likes to have a little fun. Either way, you’ll hear him coming from a mile away.

5. Gun Rack

You might assume that if a guy has a gun rack that he’s an avid hunter, but appearances can be deceiving. Look for a little mud on the gun rack, so you know he’s not posing.

Finally, you have to put everything together. For me, the ideal country boy drives a muddied white truck with a loud muffler and a dirty gun rack, but that’s just me.

Image Source: BigStock