What Is Potlicker? (And Why You Should Be Eating It Like, Now)


If you’ve never heard of potlicker (or potlikker, pot liquor), you might think I’m just throwing some sort of insult your way.

For newbies, potlicker refers to the broth and juices left at the bottom of a pan after you cook something– like collard greens or beans– and it’s usually topped with some kind of pork or turkey. It’s similar to bone broth (another phrase you might be hearing a lot lately) in that you’re essentially getting the excess off something. In the case of bone broth, it’s meat and bones. And as it turns out, it’s all incredibly good for you.

In fact, CBS Sunday Morning did an entire segment on the healing benefits of broth. Because you’re extracting straight from the source (so to speak), the broth is rich in protein and minerals– they also contain glycine, which helps you detox and helps aid digestion.

If you want to try your hand at making your own potlicker, you should start with this easy recipe.