What NOT to Wear To a Southern Wedding


Ah, a fabulous southern wedding. The food is better, the drinks flow more freely, the flowers are fresher and the grandmothers cuter. There’s really not a better place to get married than in the South. So, if you have to spend more than one Saturday at a wedding, be thankful it’s in the South.

At times, it is hard to know what to wear to a Southern wedding. But, really– it’s not. You just wear what you’d wear to any other wedding.

The real hard part is knowing what not to wear.


Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. But, the bride’s wearing it. Well, it’s her party! She can wear whatever she wants. If this is a wedding where camouflage is important, let the bridal party shine, don’t take away from their spotlight. No camo at a southern wedding unless specifically instructed from the bride (and even then, you should approach this philosophy of dress very delicately).


There’s no wedding on planet earth casual enough to handle a pair of jorts. Not even a wedding at a dirt race track, which in theory, would seem pretty casual. No jorts at a wedding.

A bandana.

I hate that I even have to mention this, but it seems necessary. Weddings are not the place to show off a new bandana.

A fanny pack.

You shouldn’t be smuggling anything into a wedding, so there’s no reason to dress like a packrat. If, for some reason, you are carrying a large of amount of items around, you need re-evaluate the situation and maybe just make a few trips to the car.

Tube top.

Even if this wedding is at the beach, you cannot wear a tube top. Less is not more at a wedding. You don’t want to be the center of attention at this event, so try to cover your midriff.


Tell me again why you even own a tiara and then we can talk. I wouldn’t even let Kate Middleton wear a tiara to a wedding. This is not your time to shine bright!

Aqua socks.

Don’t label me an aqua sock hater. Even as an adult woman, every couple of trips down the river I go buy a pair to impress my friends with the benefits of a fully waterproof shoe. However, unless the wedding is at the bottom of the Mississippi River, leave those bad boys at home.

Remember: a Southern wedding is just like any other wedding (see: better). Treat it like the classy affair that it is and enjoy yourself!

Image Source: Bigstock