12 Reason Whiskey Drinkers Make Better Lovers

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Of all the drinkers, whiskey drinkers make the best lovers— they’re mysterious, worldly and know how to captivate themselves to every audience. They strike the perfect balance of straight edge and crazy, which radiates sex-appeal.

12 Reason Whiskey Drinkers Make Better Lovers:

1. Whiskey drinkers help you appreciate the little things.

Whiskey is a simple drink. People who know how to value simple things tend to be better lovers.

2. Whiskey helps develop relationships.

Whiskey drinkers love relationships, and they especially love relationships with substance. Whether romantic or platonic, they won’t waste their precious time on people who don’t fill them with goodness.

3. Whiskey drinkers know who they are and what they want.

Whiskey drinkers knows what they like and what they don’t like. And they aren’t afraid to let the world know. They are comfortable with their own exposition, which makes them confident in everything that they do.


4. Whiskey drinkers are hopeless romantics.

A whiskey drinker loves on their own terms; whether it’s for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime … as there love is undeniable. They are romantics in every sense of the word, for they believe in the romance of living.

5. Whiskey drinkers are respected.

Whiskey is a timeless beverage; it’s not a flavor of the week. It’s something you pick when you are old enough to admit that your old man was on to something. It’s that sense of maturity that will save you from all the unnecessary drama that tries to inhabit your life.


6. Whiskey drinkers have manners.

If you drink whiskey, you have manners. Granted, they might be the misplaced manners held over from the 1950s, but they are manners nonetheless. It’s all about one’s manners, as whiskey drinkers are passionate about the code of conduct they subscribe to.

7. Whiskey drinkers are low-maintenance.

Whiskey is not a beverage for high-maintenance people. It’s not showy— to be honest, it doesn’t even look that good. But that’s why whiskey drinkers tend to be happier people, they choose what they like because they like it … not because of how it looks or appears to others.

8. Whiskey is good for your sex life.

While it’s no secret that alcohol has a habit of bringing people together to get it on, but whiskey is particularly useful in specific areas for both men and women. To but it simply, whiskey makes people want to get into bed.


9. Whiskey drinkers appreciate a little pain.

Good whiskey can burn going down and any whiskey drinker knows that a little burn is definitely worth it. Anything worth doing is worth doing with a little intensity.

10. Whiskey makes you feel invincible.

The best lovers are the ones who make us feel like our greatest, sexiest, funniest and most amazing selves.

11. Whiskey drinkers add spice.

They have a sharp, dry sense of humor that goes along with a great personality. They are very interesting, as well as very intriguing. Yes, they all have a past, but they also have they the best stories to tell.

12. Whiskey drinkers are committed.

People who ponder over a neat glass with the golden nectar of the gods not only make great lovers, they are also committed. When they find something that is real, they stick to it.