Alabama is Beating Arkansas, But Who Is Cody Crawford?


Don’t get me wrong— I love my Razorbacks through and through, but we’re currently going through what I like to lovingly call an awkward growth spurt. We show promise and hope for the future, but right now, things aren’t ideal, per-say.

With that in mind, the odds aren’t exactly in our favor for our Saturday, October 6 game against Alabama (though I’d still hold Fayetteville’s tailgate experience up to any other SEC team’s, which is really why 75% of people show up, right?) CBS Sports predicts that Alabama will “cover the spread” against the Razorbacks as we’re currently 0-4 this season.

If you’re no fair-weather fan and you visited Donald W. Reynolds stadium for game day, you might have noticed a peculiar sign being flown across the sky reading, “Free Wisdom- GoTo” and wondering, Who the heck is Cody Crawford?

After visiting and doing some research, I can only think that he has some savage friends who are wanting to drive some attention to his…um…interesting quote from the Arkansas Business Journal. And no matter how many times I read it, I feel myself being more and more confused.

“There is so much continuous [growth] to feed each other. As one sector grows, the next sector benefits from it. It’s a pretty healthy balanced area. After that matured, it’s nice to see all those other opportunities and sectors.” 

But hey— if it’s good enough for the kids, it’s good enough for us.