8 Best Wines for Beer Drinkers


If you’re a beer-lover, finding a good, satisfying wine can be hard. I mean, if you’re used to the boldness and heaviness of a beer, the lightness and juiciness of wine can be disappointing.

But, it’s all about finding flavors that mimic those in your favorite beers.

8 Best Wines for Beer Drinkers:

1. Light Beer (Lager) Drinkers. Lagers are undoubtedly the easiest beers to drink.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Pinot Grigio, or even a champagne. These wines share the same refreshing personality as their counterpart. They are simple summertime sippers.

2. Wheat Beers Drinkers. Wheat beers are smooth, creamy and sometimes even a bit sweet.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Chardonnay. Wheat beer drinkers will love Chardonnay’s similarities in texture — round, cozy, golden-hued, and creamy. The have refreshing notes of apple and lemon, along with the sensation of vanilla curd from its aging in oak.

3. Belgium Ale Beer Drinkers. This is a stand-alone beer that has higher alcohol, and is also a tad sweeter.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Shiraz. Shiraz will have a smooth quality, similar to Belgium Ales. It also packs a solid fruity and smoky punch.

4. Pale Ale Beer Drinkers. Pale Ales are richer than light beers. They tend to have body. A beer drinker who loves pale ale chooses it because of its balanced and not-too-bitter taste.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Pinot Noir. They are on the lighter end of the spectrum of red wine, and they tend to be balanced, offer great body, and are not too bitter.

5. IPA Beers Drinkers. Someone who loves IPA, loves how complex a beer can be. IPAs are often fruity and sweet, whilst also being incredibly bitter.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Carmenere. This red wine from Chili offers a fantastic balance between savory, fruity, and bitter. Their herbal notes will easily appeal to any hops-lover.

6. Porter Beer Drinkers. Porters are medium-bodied, but very dark and earthy. They often give off notes of chocolate, coffee, and toffee. These beers, with exceptions, tend to be less bitter and heavier.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Merlot. A Porter always seems to be the perfect middle ground of beers, and Merlot is also right in the middle with balanced dryness, fruitiness, and weight.

7. Stout Beer Drinkers. Drinkers of Stouts crave the comforting richness of these beers’ roasted, malty flavors.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Cabernet Sauvignon. The lovers of chocolate, oatmeal, and vanilla stouts will gravitate toward Cabernet’s big fruits, richer texture, and roundness, due to its heavier oak influence.

8. Fruity Lambics. Lambics are fermented with fruits like raspberries, apricots, and even muscat grapes. This adds a complexity to the beer, balancing the sour brew with tart and sweet fruit flavors.

What Wine to Drink. Try a Riesling. These still, semi-sweet whites are laden with lively, ripe fruity notes, similar to their beer counterpart.