This Woman Just Bench Pressed 325 Pounds Like It Was No Big Deal

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If you’re looking for a reason to hit the gym, this may be it. Powerlifter Jennifer Thompson has been lifting weights for awhile, so she’s no stranger to the locker room. But this video showing her lift her personal best of 325 pounds in front of a locker room full of big football playing dudes is pretty incredible to watch.

For scale, 325 pounds is like lifting about 40 of these (the full grown version):

Or 16 of these (the watermelon, not the Kirby):

So yeah, we’re talking a lot of weight here. The best part is, she did it in a room full of burly guys who are used to weightlifting. Our guess is that she might have beaten some of their personal bests as well (some of them looked kind of worried). Don’t worry, guys. We won’t tell who you are.

So the next time you’re struggling to get up and get to the gym, or hell, even to the store, remember that there’s a woman out there who can lift two or three of you and be humbled and awed. The remote doesn’t seem that far away anymore, does it?