11 Signs You Grew Up Eating Southern Food

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Everyone knows that the cuisine in the South is like no place else is the world. That’s why those of us fortunate enough to have grown up here have grown accustomed to things being done a certain way.

Here’s a primer on how to tell if you’ve spent your upbringing eating Southern meals:

1. You put hot sauce on everything.

You can tell how old someone is by how much hot sauce they require on their food. It’s also a heated (ha) debate about which hot sauce is the best.

2. Everything is better fried.

Deep-fried, chicken-fried, as long as it’s hot and crispy, then it’s good to go.

3. It needs a biscuit on the side.

Biscuits? Rolls? Doesn’t matter what you call them. No meal is complete without them, served hot, in a basket, with real butter.

4. Bacon is its own food group.

How can you start the day without a side of bacon? It’s the perfect food. And it’s the food that keeps on giving because…

5. You always keep a jar of grease by the stove.

Bacon grease is the smartest way to cook.

6. Grandma is the best cook ever, no exceptions.

You can spend your whole life using her recipes, it’s never quite the same. Hmm.

7. You eat your way through family reunions.

The best way to catch up with your cousins, is with a mouth full of food. That’s not an awkward silence, that’s the sound of hungry mouths eating.

8. You know your favorite cornbread recipe off the top of your head.

You’ve made it so many times, you could do it in your sleep.

9. It is understood that tea is served sweet.

Because what’s the point if it’s not sweet?

10. All the meals could serve like 40 people or something.

Seriously. Forget cooking for two. Portions are so large that it’s almost as if you’re always expecting to feed the whole neighborhood.

11. You gotta finish your plate.

And you don’t get dessert until you do.