Concealed Carry Yoga Pants Exist But Really Shouldn’t


Have you ever wanted to go to yoga but don’t know how you will carry your pistol? You can’t really conceal a weapon in spandex. Wonder no longer, because there’s a new yoga pant that will let you pack heat, carry a tactical knife, and carry your phone.

Alexo Athletica is an activewear brand with a singular focus: letting women who wear yoga pants carry all the things they need for life. Not a bad idea; pockets are always good. You just have to forget about looking like you have a tumour the shape of whatever is in your pocket.

That poor fella who she tossed a banana legitimately tripped over his guitar case.

Also, who throws a banana at someone busking for cash?

While the video targets the Mom-on-the-go, the website includes a model wearing a military knife and a sidearm targeting the Mom who dreams of someone giving her the opportunity to let her try out her self-defence training. Let’s be serious though: if you can’t look cute wearing a pistol, what even is the point of wearing one? 

If you wonder who would wear these, may I point your attention to exhibit A:



Really, we should have all seen that coming. I can’t wait for Tomi to complain about how the gym wouldn’t let her on a squat rack with a loaded handgun. I guess that’s one way to make sure you don’t get hit on at the gym.