That Feeling When A 5-Year-Old Rocks Hairstyling Better Than Most 25-Year-Olds

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We’ve all heard of wonder-kids, but a wonder-hairstylist might be a new twist. Considering my idea of hairstyling is often times throwing it up in a not-so-charming messy bun (and I mean messy, not those cute Pinterest ones), I have to admit that this kid has talent. Her mother teaches hair classes but insists that Magnolia’s talent is all her own. Magnolia’s first video of her styling a hair mannequin has gone viral on Facebook and Instagram, and it certainly won’t be her last.

Since that video, Magnolia has posted several more tutorials, as well as pictures of her beautiful original hairstyles. Her mother says that Magnolia hopes to be a hairstylist (obviously) and that she’s been practicing her styling skills since she was just 2 years old. After all, it takes a lot of work to be awesome at something.

So she’s pretty awesome. When can she do my hair?