This Monster Lawnmower Will Clear Your Yard In No Time And Scare Your Neighbors


In a world where lawns are status symbols, a lawn mower is a man’s greatest tool. While some fellas like riding mowers and others prefer the old gas clunker they’ve been using for 40 years the rest of us want more. And I’ve found what we are all looking for: the most monstrous, unstoppable, absolutely unnecessary lawnmower in the world.

Look at this:

It’s less a mower and more of a lawn harvester. A beastly residential combine from the “Mad Max” universe.

It is a Brielmaier, and I have no idea how to get one in the States, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I don’t figure it out. It looks like something out of an old robot-wars TV show. But this hog doesn’t take out other lawnmowers. No, this annihilates brush, even at a steep angle.

The German engineers behind the Brielmaier are so proud of this machine that they cut together a “best of” video. It’s stinkin’ impressive.

Unless you are harvesting hay off a hillside or clearing an intense amount of brush on a mountain, the Brielmaier is overkill. Still, I can’t wait to run it through my 20 sqft. yard.