10 Best Things That Happened in Nashville in 2014


I love my town. I mean LOVE LOVE. I’ve been in Nashville for 13 years now and I can’t ever imagine living anywhere else. That being said… here are the 10 best things I covered in Nashville in 2014.

1. Garth came back to town.

It’s always awesome when you get a cool new neighbor. But, when it is someone who was in the ‘hood before and you loved hanging with him, it makes it even sweeter. Welcome home, g.

2. “Nashville” was renewed.

It was touch-and-go there for a while and the show was rumored to possibly be moving to sound stages outside of Music City. Whaaaat? So glad it didn’t happen. (As a side note, almost everyone I know has been on the show as an extra or a musician at least once.)


3. Acme Feed and Seed reopened.

Strange to some for me to have a restaurant opening as one of the best things, but this is different. The building is a piece of history and it sits on the corner of Broadway and 1st avenue. If you have been to the CMA Music Festival, you’ve seen it. It’s been empty for over a decade, so to see it come back to life is amazing.

4. Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. 

She released a new album and I got to talk to her about it. And yes, she is even more amazing in person than you can imagine.

5. CMA Music Festival 2014.

I bowled with Natalie Stovall and the Drive, Talked to Craig Morgan and Lady A, found out what “Casualize” means from Sara Evans, had my stories on the JumboTron at LP Field and rode a mechanical bull. Best. Week. Ever.

6. Steven Tyler was at the CMA Awards.

He told me about his love for Country Music, fashion and all things Nashville. We love you, too.

7. Hanging out with The Gambler. 

The only thing that could have made this better is if we had been playing cards together. Kenny Rogers is incredible.

8. Kevin Bacon – Yep.

Officially one degree from Kevin Bacon now. Or is it zero degrees? The Bacon Brothers are the real deal and they are producing some great original music. Plus, sometimes they will perform “Footloose.”

9. Merle Haggard talked to me. 

Merle was a part of the Buddy Holly tribute album. The only thing cooler than meeting Merle was hearing him talk about Buddy Holly.

10. Backstage CMA Awards.

It is the show behind the show. And I am officially the luckiest girl in the world to be there covering it for ABC.com and The CMA. Thank you to the incredible artists who stopped by and talked with me.

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I can’t wait to see what awesome stuff happens in Music City 2015! I promise to share it all with you!

Image Source: Kelly Sutton