6 Songs You Should Listen To On Repeat All Weekend


The weekend.

With the weather on the rise and your windows likely rolling in the opposite direction– these are the songs you should probably listen to whenever you get the chance.

1. Austin Webb // “All Country On You

If you don’t, he’s likely to go “all Carrie Underwood on you.

2. Kelsea Ballerini // “Yeah Boy”

Get ahead of the game! Sure, Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” is stuck in our heads a lot, but this weekend– get to know this tune. (Taylor Swift loves it.)

3. Billy Currington // “Don’t It” 

Turn this one on and just try not to smile.

4.  Zac Brown Band // “Homegrown

Zac Brown Band has written a lot of perfect songs, but this one is perfect for grillin’, chillin’ and thinking about life– with the windows open.

5. RaeLynn // “For a Boy

How catchy can one song be?

6. Sam Hunt // “Take Your Time

If Sam Hunt isn’t your favorite these days, just take your time… you’ll get there.

Image Source: BigStock, Spotify, CMA, UMG