Actual Requirements to Be in a Jason Aldean Music Video


If country music stars are tired of being stereotyped, maybe they should look a little closer into the requirements for being in their music videos. If you’re a country music singer and you want to be known for more than just trucks and tailgates, maybe don’t ask for “farm boy pickup trucks” to be cast in your videos.

Jason Aldean‘s video for “Gonna Know We Were Here” is being shot in Macon, Georgia next week and the Macon Film Commission is looking for participants. The group posted a pretty thorough list of requirements for participants.

Actual Requirements to Be in a Jason Aldean Music Video:

1. Young

2. Enthusiastic

3. Fan of country music

4. Over 18 (but, young)

The requirements for your truck to be in the music video are very detailed, too:

1. “Farm Boy” Ford

2. Passed down from someone in the family.

They reference Tim Riggin’s truck from the show, “Friday Night Lights,” but he drove a Chevy, not a Ford.


CASTING CALL: Looking for young, enthusiastic fans of Country Music for upcoming music video “Gonna Know We Were Here”…

Posted by Macon Film Commission on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We need some “Farm Boy” Ford Pickup Trucks.. passed down family truck …think “Friday Night Lights” sort of truck with…

Posted by Macon Film Commission on Thursday, September 17, 2015

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