Another Sexy Single from Jason Aldean


Jason Aldean‘s string of No. 1 singles and their ability to reach the top of the charts so quickly is impressive, but what’s more impressive is just how sexy each of the singles are.

Aldean’s latest from Old Boots, New Dirt is “Gonna Know We Were Here” and it’s a continuation of his now-staple, hard-rockin’ muscle country sound. The tune is uptempo with pounding rhythms and heavy guitars accentuated by Aldean’s steady vocals.

The couple in this Aldean tune aren’t looking for a slow ride or a night in the sheets, but a moment to leave their mark.

I got the wild, you got the crazy

You know that’s why I love you, baby

Cause your motor runs just as fast as mine

Pedal to the metal, keep your throttle down all night

And we only get one life

Ain’t scared to ride this train

Make a few marks, leave a few stains

Might slam just a little too hard

Might take it just a little too far

Might burn out like a firework

Like a shooting star across the sky

Yeah we may not be around in 20 years

But they’re sure gonna know we were here


Image Source: BBR