Super Bowl Wide Reciever Returns Home To Drive Cancer Patients To Their Appointments During The Offseason

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It was easy to root against the Patriots last Sunday during the Super Bowl. In fact, most of the country did. But in Clearwater, Florida they had a small fan club. A group of disabled and sick patients was cheering on the Patriots because was one of their wide receivers, Bernard Reedy helps them get to and from appointments during the offseason.

Bernard Reedy started working for Care Ride LLC, a transportation company for patients who are unable to drive or transport themselves, after college when he was cut from his NFL team. He still drives for the company during the offseason and making $11/hr.

“Bernard has always been that kind of guy. He’s just here to help,” Vince Cocks, the operations manager at Care Ride told a local Fox News affiliate. “For the most part, [the patients] don’t know he’s a football player. He may mention it to them. They’re like, ‘Yeah, sure. What are you doing here at Care Ride?'”

He does it to serve. When hurricanes smashed into Florida last summer, Reedy stayed behind to help his Care Ride patients as most people scrambled to get out of town.

“You have people who can’t help themselves. So I feel that I need to get them to a safe place,” Reedy said after the storm.

The Patriots didn’t win on Sunday, which I celebrated. But knowing Reedy’s story, it will be hard to root against them next season.