The Internet Is Furious With The Girl Who Took Senior Photos With A Pistol


It seems like you can’t do anything without making someone on the internet upset. Brenna Spencer, 22, is finding this out after taking her senior photos while wearing a “Women for Trump” shirt and wearing a pistol. And it’s not just the left that is upset. Many conservatives are upset with Spencer’s seemingly careless carrying of the weapon.

Her Twitter post went viral last week and outrage followed. The picture was such a hot-button issue that Fox news invited Spencer on the air to explain it.

But people aren’t backing down from their opinions.

She has supporters:

And she has her critics:

In the last guy’s defense, this photo was taken at the Hunter Museum in Chatanooga, TN, where it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon. Say what you will, but doing something illegal to support a Constitutional right is, at best, self-defeating.