Chase Bryant’s Could Use a “Little Bit of You”


Chase Bryant is making a name for himself when it comes to capturing the feelings of young love. His newest single, “Little Bit of You,” is all about that love that sticks with you– minutes later, days later or even years later– sometimes you could just use a little bit.

It’s an uptempo, fun and fully displays Chase’s silky smooth vocals and rock edge. It’s also really sweet.

I could use a little bit of your sweet kiss, 

your lips on a night like this.

I don’t wanna be lonely with the stars all out,

Need you here to help me or I might lose count,

I could use a little bit of you right now.

“Little Bit of You” was co-written by Bryant alongside No. 1 songwriters Ashley Gorley (“All-American Girl” – Carrie Underwood) and Derek George. It appears on Bryant’s debut self-titled EP.

Image Source: BBR/Chris Tuite