Oh, Canada: A Mountie Chasing A Bear Out Of Town Is Peak Canada


The House and the Senate bitterly battle over healthcare. The President’s advisors deteriorate to name calling and civil unrest. It seems like the only news we hear is bad.

Meanwhile in Canada

A Mountie chased a bear away from a group of tourists, providing a peak Canada moment. So grab your maple syrup and hit that play button, please.

We can only surmise that the Mountie politely asked the bear to leave three times before slightly raising his voice, taking a step forward and waggling his finger. This video came much later in the altercation.

The “threatened” tourists immediately began taking pictures of the event. “It was very Canadian,” one onlooker remarked.

The young black bear was playing in the trees near a playground, but even small bears can be dangerous. Furthermore, where there are baby bears, there are momma bears. The bear community has yet to comment on the situation.

Thank goodness for the Mounties!!