Jason Aldean Says Artists Don’t Make Crap


Less than a year after pulling off of his music off of Spotify, country music superstar Jason Aldean is speaking out on the subject– again. Aldean spoke with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about his feelings on the matter of streaming music and everything that comes along with it.

First and foremost, Aldean says he has been misquoted when talking about his decision to pull his music off the popular streaming app.

“Honestly, there’s been so much stuff about that, and I’ve been misquoted. The ultimate goal is I want fans to have the best experience they possibly can. I want fans to hear my music whenever they want. But there’s also a right and wrong way to do it.”

The wrong way is cheating songwriters out of making money.

“It’s easier to go along with what everybody else is doing. For me, I got a lot of friends who make a living writing songs, and those guys are getting cheated.”

Aldean is standing up for the little guy. 

“As artists, we don’t make crap off of streaming. Lots of major record companies are part owners in Spotify, so they’re gonna get their money regardless. I’m more about the small guy. I’m on a smaller label. I’m an indie guy. I’m not the big commercial grocery store. I’m the mom-and-pop store.”

Aldean probably doesn’t make “crap” off of sites streaming his music, but that is because he’s likely comparing it to the $43.5 million he made off of touring between June 2014 to June 2015.

Image Source: PR Photos