Kelsea Ballerni Means It


Kelsea Ballerini is soon to be a household name, especially with the success of her single, “Love Me Like You Mean It.”

She has been honored as one of CMT’s Next Women of Country and will soon have everyone singing along with her.

Say what you like about Taylor Swift, but someone has to take her place in pop-girl-country and Kelsea might just be the one to do it. This song is slow and thoughtful enough to become a teenage girl anthem, and the hooks are pop and catchy enough to– well, the same. Admit it, this song makes you want to dance around your living room a little.

But here’s the thing, just when you think she’s nothing but fluff, young Kelsea surprises with this different take on the same song. Stripped of the up-in-the-club tricks, this version will definitely be more appealing to pure country fans.

Whichever you prefer, we think the fact that Kelsea can deliver both beautifully means she’s got a future.

Image Source: BlackRiver Entertainment, CMA